One Year Old Pictures

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Bend in the River Regional Park, Rice Minnesota

One Year Milestone Photos

This sweet family reached out for their fall family photos and mom shared that these pictures were extra special to them this year because their youngest child had just turned one.

I love milestone sessions that include the entire family - It is so fun to be able to see a one-year-old's personality really come out as their parents and siblings interact with them.

Helping toddlers have a great time during photos

Big sister was shy and didn't like how her shoes fit, (we've all been there!) As a photographer, I know that photoshoots can be intimidating for anyone, but especially young children.

I have worked with children for years and have two of my own, part of helping kids enjoy the session is reading their cues and engaging them in the session. I like to give children a bit of control by asking them to choose their positioning for poses, (for example, "do you want to cuddle with mommy, or with daddy?") This gives the child the ability to make a choice, while still staying engaged in the session.

The BIGGEST thing that you can do as their parent is continue to interact with them lovingly and playfully - Snuggle, tickle, dance, chatter away, tell a story, sing a song - Your kids will soak up the attention, and you'll love the sweet memories of connecting with them and meeting them where they are at.

Outfits + Color Scheme

Mom did such a great job styling her family! She opted for beige + green. She had just the perfect amount of green so that it wasn't a distracting amount of color, and the neutral beige was the perfect addition - It can be a temptation, particularly in fall, to choose lots of dark colors - This can end up looking heavy and distracting. Making sure to include plenty of neutrals ensures that your family is the focal point of your images!

Wardrobe choices can feel daunting, I love being able to help my clients navigate this during the session planning process by providing suggestions and feedback along the way.

dad tossing daughter in the air playfully while mom cuddles one year old during milestone family session in rice mn
dad plays with one year old while mom cuddles toddler during milestone photo shoot
family of four cuddles together in a field during one year old pictures
baby looks at camera while holding mom and dad's hands during one year photo shoot
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Hi, my name is


St. Cloud MN family and newborn photographer

I'm on a mission to create and capture poetic + love-filled moments for ordinary families.

As a photographer and busy mom to two under two, I am accustomed to the joyful chaos of young families and like to bring a relaxed approach to your photo session that encourages children to have fun and show their true personalities instead of forcing them to smile unnaturally on command.

Time to finally be in photos yourself, mama!

Motherhood is hard, in the midst of spilled Cheerios, dirty diapers, and crying babies, it can be difficult to slow down and see the sweet moments in the midst of the crazy.

I create a space for you to intentionally step away from the endless piles of laundry and be with your family.

I love to capture the quiet strength and beauty of motherhood as I direct your session to show you nurturing your children and being loved on by your husband.

Gone are the days of bribe-induced smiles from kids and stressed grimaces from mom and dad.

I encourage families to relax, play together, and cuddle close. As a feeler who longs to feel deeply the poetry of life, I direct families in a way that shows the poetry in the midst of their crazy, messy, wonderful lives.