Hello, friend!

Pregnancy comes with so many changes and emotions, in your maternity session I want to create space for you to be present and to contemplate the incredible work that you are doing in growing that little baby inside of you!

Choosing the most flattering dress

If you haven't already, check out this blogpost for more on choosing your outfit

Here are a few things to look for in a dress that will create the most flattering silhouette:

  • A dress or top with a fitted/tight top (this would be right above your belly)
  • A dress or skirt that flares out - You want this to start ABOVE your belly, and not below, ideally.
  • Floor length for a romantic and feminine feel that is nice and flowy

I have a changing tent I can bring so that you can easily change outfits during your session

Please just let me know what you will be bringing for your second outfit so that I can help you decide at what point in the session you will want to change. Different poses and locations are better fitted for certain styles of clothing, so it helps me be prepared to know this ahead of time.

This is your time, mama!

Pregnancy comes with so many changes and emotions, in your maternity session I want to create space for you to be present and to contemplate the incredible work that you are doing in growing that little baby inside of you!

Hair + Nails

Wearing your hair down is typically my favorite way for moms to do their hair - Anything to add movement and texture to your photos, I ADORE! Little flyaways don't bother me, they are part of telling your story.

For nails, it is typically best to leave them natural, clear coat of paint, or with a natural looking manicure (like French tips)

Definitely avoid having chipped paint. Typically, having colored paint doesn't actually look great in photos - Specifically in black and white photos. The natural look is more timeless and classic.


Some moms may want to get their make up professionally done. That is totally up to you!

You can also just take extra time to make sure it is how you like (and maybe bring your make up along to touch-up before your session.)

Opt for a natural look for timeless photos.


Take into consideration the time of year and location when choosing your shoes.

My hips are always a pain when I am pregnant, so for your own comfort and safety, I would avoid high heels entirely.

Instead, try a comfy pair of flats or sandals (depending on the time of year.)

These will likely be hidden under your dress, but you'll want them to still coordinate and be tasteful in case they are showing.

Especially in summer, sandals can be a really fun creative asset to your outfit for the session. Or maybe an awesome pair of boots in winter.

Just make sure that you think about them and choose a pair ahead of time. You can always bring an extra pair to change into as well.


Less is typically more when it comes to accessories - A pretty pair of earrings and maybe a necklace can be a great touch.

I'd generally avoid statement jewelry though, the star of the show is YOU and your sweet baby bump - We don't want your accessories to take away from that.

A shawl or scarf, or even a hat can also be a fun addition depending on the time of year and the rest of your outfit.

Somethings I would recommend not wearing to your session would be:

Hair ties on wrist

FitBIt or Apple watch

Statement jewelry

Bring yourself and your husband prepared for intentionality

This is probably going to be your last photoshoot together before your life changes (in a wonderful way, but still change!)

Let me help you create a space in which you can take time to intentionally focus on each other, and on the little life inside of you.

In all the craziness of preparing for your baby, have you had a chance to sit in your husband's embrace and notice him? Let yourself relax and be together. I'll help put you in flattering light and poses and then give you prompts to encourage you to interact. I want you to take those prompts and make them your own.

I like to give options, for example "[Dad], why you don't you rub your hands along her arms to warm her up, or wrap her in a big hug to keep her cozy?" Then dad can pick the one that feels most natural.

Once we get some photos with both of you, dad can go and hang out in the car or take a walk nearby and you and I can take some photos focused solely on you and your bump <3

I can't wait to see you at your session! It is going to be incredible!

The two photos below are of Quarry Park from earlier last week so that you can have an idea of what that would look like. The other location suggestion I have in mind is Montissippi Regional Park in Monticello.

Talk to you soon!