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Pregnant mom stands in flowers holding her belly while her husband and daughter hug during pictures maternity

Outdoor Maternity Photo Sessions

This is the first part of your story of motherhood.

The little kicks and jabs from your growing little one keep you going through the long 9 months of pregnancy - Baby will be here before you know it!

Let's document these special days that you have with your sweet baby, and celebrate the incredible, beautiful work that you are doing in growing your little one.

Pregnant mom walks through a field in Rice, MN with her husband and daughter during golden hour maternity photoshoot

When should we take my maternity photos?

This is your time to shine, mama! Your body goes through so many changes in pregnancy, it is a sweet thing to be able to celebrate the hard work that you have been doing.

Typically, I would recommend booking with plenty of time to choose an outfit and be prepared for your session, scheduling the session for between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.

It can vary from woman to woman, but generally, you are still feeling able to move comfortably, you have a darling baby-bump, and you still have enough energy to be able to enjoy the experience!

Booking your session strategically for when you are feeling the best will help set you up well for a relaxed and comfortable photo session experience.

pregnant mom laughs in a golden field of flowers during maternity photography session

What should I wear?

You should be comfortable in whatever you choose. Personally, I would encourage you to find a gorgeous, long, flowy dress that accentuates your baby bump and that flatters your body.

Particularly for outdoor sessions, this can be a great time for a soft feminine dress with a beautiful pop of color!

You are welcome to bring a second outfit too, I have a changing tent that I can bring with me so that you can easily change in privacy.

Check out this blogpost for more tips on how to dress for your maternity shoot.

Renting a Dress

In my blog post I share some links for online retailers where you can find beautiful and affordable dresses. There are some incredible gowns for photoshoots can be really costly though (like, $300+ per dress!)

If you love some of those stunning dresses (like I do!) but don't have the space in your budget (or your closet) for this type of maternity gown investment, then I have just the suggestion for you: A maternity gown rental.

I went through the whole site and picked out my favorite options that fit the style of my posing, editing, and photoshoot locations.

Any of these options would be an incredible addition to enhance your session and the colors go beautifully with the places near Saint Cloud that I like to use for maternity photography sessions.

Flowy gown, dramatic sleeves in burnt orange or natural

Plunging neckline, flowy gown with dramatic sleeves: Recommended colors of natural, burnt orange, or sand

Ivory lace gown with flowing sleeves

Scoop neckline, cinched sleeves, long flowy gown: Natural or burnt orange

Sleeveless, ruffled neckline, dramatic flowy gown: Cinnamon, rust, sand

Let me know which one you pick and I can help you figure out which outfits will go best for your hubby and any older kiddos. You are going to be STUNNING! I can't wait!

*If you are interested in renting one of these dresses, let me know. As your photographer, I am able to get you a 15% discount on your rental.*

Since you don't use a studio, where does the session take place?

I have an ever growing list of pre-scouted outdoor locations for you to select from. My favorite will ever and always be gorgeous fields with trees, rocks, and flowers for interest, but I also have beach, forest, urban, and other locations that I am constantly exploring and adding to my list.

Every family and story is different, some locations will be more fitting for your personality and story than others. I want it to be perfect for YOU! Some locations require more walking, may be too muddy in the spring, or might not be the best for young children, all of these are factors that play into my thought process as I help you choose the best location for your maternity shoot.

husband embraces pregnant wife during maternity pictures session with maternity lifestyle photographer

Can I book my maternity and newborn photography sessions together?

Absolutely! I am both a maternity and newborn photographer and love to be able to connect with you and your family in a maternity session prior to your newborn's photos.

I think maternity photos are such a special part of telling baby's story, but I know it can be hard to spend money on a photo session for yourself. I have special pricing for maternity sessions for mamas who book their newborn session with me as well - Check out my pricing page for more details.

Maternity sessions are a special time to document your pregnancy journey, your family pre-baby, and tell the story of celebrating your little one's impending arrival. I love when moms choose to incorporate maternity photos into their baby's photo album!

Can my husband and my older kids be in the session too?

Yes, yes, 100% yes! I love family maternity sessions - While mom and baby are the focal point of a maternity session with me, every single member of the family is preparing for an exciting but significant change and deserves to be honored. Bringing dad and older siblings to join in the session gives the sweet opportunity for your last photos together before your new addition arrives.

Should I get my hair and make up done?

It is by no means a requirement, but you'll never regret having it done professionally either! We have some excellent local artists in the area, and allowing yourself to be pampered is definitely a good idea!

I'd recommend opting for a natural look in whatever you have done. I love when hair is left long and flowy (as opposed to formal up-dos) so that there is plenty of movement and texture.

Taylor Miley Make Up is a local wedding make up artist. I absolutely love her work! She offers make up for events (such as photo sessions) and does a lot of maternity sessions. If you are just looking for make up, I'd definitely recommend her.

Pretty By Paige & Piepho are a local wedding hair and make up artist team. If you're looking to get your make up done, and your hair done, these ladies would be a great option. Their work is lovely and they have a few different options in terms of their packages.

Just be sure, when booking hair or make up, to schedule it for early enough in the day that you have plenty of time to come home, change into your session outfit, and eat some supper before your session starts. I don't want you to feel stressed because you're rushing for time! (Plus, that gives you longer to enjoy your fancy look!)

*I would avoid getting colorful manicures done, they don't tend to photograph very well - Clean nails, or a natural manicure like a French manicure, are the best and most timeless looks.

Maternity Pictures Pricing

$100 non-refundable retainer due at booking

If booked with a newborn session: $375
If booked as a standalone session: $495

- Sessions typically begin an hour before sunset for optimal golden hour lighting
- All of the best images (minimum of 30)
- Personalized styling + location selection assistance

More Details

How do I book my maternity session?

I am thrilled that you've chosen me to be your photographer! You can fill out this form on my contact page to inquire, or use the link below.

Pregnant mom wearing Baltic Born dress holds her baby bump and looks off at Lake George in St. Cloud Mn
Dad embraces pregnant wife as they look off into the distance and mom rests back into dad during maternity session
dad and mom rest in an embrace together during maternity pictures at Bend in the River Regional Park in minnesota
Husband hugs pregnant wife and kisses her while she smiles at the camera during maternity photos
Pregnant mom in flowy dress smiles down at belly during golden hour maternity photos
Pregnant mom wearing dress holds hands with husband as they walk in front of St. Mary's Cathedral
Pregnant mom holds belly and looks down at baby softly during maternity pictures at Lake George in Saint Cloud MN
dad kisses mom and embraces her while she rests in his arms during maternity pictures
Pregnant mom sits in front of husband and they smile at the camera during their maternity session on Lake George
Dad embraces pregnant wife happily as she smiles during maternity session in central minnesota
Mom laughs as dad whispers something in her ear and hugs her during maternity pictures
Husband embraces and kisses his pregnant wife as she holds her belly and smiles softly at the ground
Dad's hands encircle mom's pregnant waist and her hands rest on his during Rice, MN maternity session
Husband softly brushes his pregnant wife's hair as they rest their foreheads together and mom holds her belly
Pregnant mom is embraced by husband in front of St. Mary's Cathedral in Saint Cloud mn
dad cuddles pregnant mom as she smiles at her belly during spring maternity photos