What style of clothing should I wear for my baby's in-home newborn session?

Firstly, consider your typical wardrobe - What do you tend to be most comfortable and confident in? You might be the woman who wants to wear a flowy long dress to add a romantic flair to your newborn's pictures, but you might be the woman who would much rather wear a cozy cardigan and a comfortable pair of jeans (make the most of those comfy maternity jeans while you still can!)

Once you've decided on the main outfit (I encourage mom's outfit to be the main one!) then you can build the rest of the family's wardrobe around that main one to keep the style cohesive. It should be nice, but not so nice that it doesn't fit with being inside your own home - Dad can simply wear a Henley button up, or v-neck t-shirt layered with a sweater, and a nice pair of jeans/pants.

Ultimately, everyone should feel as comfortable as possible in their outfits and choose material that will allow for plenty of freedom for movement during the session.

I especially want to make sure that mom takes time to choose an outfit that will help her to feel both natural and confident - The postpartum period is a time of such change and adjustments, treat yourself to spending the time deciding on something you love. (As your photographer, I am happy to help brainstorm ideas!)

If you plan to breastfeed your baby, consider the neckline when choosing a dress or top to make sure that you can have easy access for nursing during the session.

What colors work well for newborn photos?

For your indoor newborn session, choose light tones. Neutral colors are an excellent choice for your baby's photo session, like beige, muted earth tones, and cream/ivory.

For newborn pictures, the star of the show is your tiny little peanut - Bright and neon colors and bold accessories will not only be likely to cast unnatural colors and shadows on your little one, but they will also distract from the simple and beautiful innocence of your little newborn.

family with newborn and dog on couch

What should we avoid?



Bright + neon colors

Dark colors (you don't want your newborn's photos to feel dark and heavy!)

Narrow striped patterns (this can cause a photographic effect called "moire" that looks very unnatural and is difficult/impossible to repair.)

Busy patterns

How should we piece the entire family's wardrobe together?

Vary patterns, textures, and solid colors - This will add variety and interest to your photos and add such a gorgeous touch to your little one's lifestyle newborn session.

Avoid matching by all means, instead, think about which colors will look good together.

Make sure that you consider the colors of your home as well - You'll want to make sure that your carefully chosen outfits don't clash with your environment.

family newborn photo

What should baby wear?

Baby might be the easiest to dress - think SIMPLE - Choose a plain onesie, maybe with texture (but keep it one solid color!) and a few simple muslin swaddles for some loose wrapping and diaper photos.

what should baby wear for newborn photos

What should I do for hair and nails at the lifestyle newborn session?

Keep your hair loose and flowy! No need for stiff updos (please don't!) The more natural appearances can be, and the more movement we can incorporate in your lifestyle newborn photos, the better.

For nails, I'd encourage you to make sure that nails/nailbeds are cleaned and that there is no chipped nail polish (I'd actually recommend avoiding nail polish entirely, or sticking to a natural look like a French manicure.)

what to wear for lifestyle session

Should I go wear shoes for the session?

I would encourage bare feet or plain (solid neutral toned) socks - It would look unnatural to be wearing shoes on your master bed for your cozy newborn photos!

what to wear for in home newborn photos







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