Spring family photos:

You know the way the warm scent of spring fills the air after winter has finally passed? Children and adults alike are filled with giddy excitement to be outside again and the sunshine is a welcome change to dreary winter days.

School is just about out and the days are longer - Have you ever wondered why we wait until the days are waning and overcast and school is back and session before booking family photos?

The colors of autumn are beautiful, but I love the cheerful brightness of a spring family session filled with laughing children frolicking through sunkissed fields in light and happy colors and cuddling happily in wildflowers.

Choosing the right outfits to complement your session location and the beautiful weather is an important piece to planning your session:

What to wear for spring family photos?

My favorite outfits for spring are long flowy dresses for mom and the girls, and casual (but bit too casual) outfits for dad and the boys.

If dad and the boys are wearing suits and dress shirts it can make things look way too formal (plus, they'll be uncomfortable!) Opting for pieces like chino shorts or a nice Henley t-shirt or chambray help the guys to feel at ease while looking great in your photos.

children laughing and running around parents in a field

What not to wear for family pictures?



Bright + neon colors

Dark colors (you don't want your newborn's photos to feel dark and heavy!)

Narrow striped patterns (this can cause a photographic effect called "moire" that looks very unnatural and is difficult/impossible to repair.)

Busy patterns

***If you wear transition lenses, you may want to pull out an older pair that are regular lenses. Transition lenses will go dark on a sunny day and will photograph as black which can be very distracting in a photograph.***

Where to buy dresses for photoshoot?

August Cloth

Baltic Born



Jen's Pirate Booty

What colors to wear for spring pictures?

Typically, when choosing a color scheme for your family's outfits using lots of neutrals and then filling in coordinating colors helps to bring together a cohesive look to your photos and enhances the connection and emotion already at play as your family interacts together.

Since spring is already such a bright and colorful time, I like the way that using lots of neutral tones helps to make your family stand out from your surrounds.

If you have too many patterns or colors, or choosing clashing or matching colors, it can be distracting from the focus of your photos - Your lovely family!

What are good neutral colors to use?

Light toned neutrals like beige, browns, cream, ivory, and grays are great choices for spring. Jeans can be a good neutral choice too, just make sure not to match each other - If dad wears jeans, try and have little brother wear different colored pants or shorts.

(Stark white can be TOO bright in the spring sunshine, so stick to cream or ivory for the best result.)

What colors should we choose?

I love photographing more muted tones in most colors. I feel that they add an emotive and timeless look to any photo.

Blush pink, dusty blue, a tasteful burnt orange, and warm yellows are some of my favorites, I love a good pop of rusty red too!

family playing in field
spring outfit ideas

Some outfit idea boards I created that would be great for spring sessions

spring outfit ideas

Where to take spring photos?

I have an ever growing list of favorite locations - A few good places to check out are local beaches, and (my personal favorite) regional and state parks!

Some locations that I've enjoyed shooting at recently are:

Bend in the River Regional Park, Quarry Park and Nature Preserve, and a really gorgeous one (though it does require an additional fee and booking ahead of time in order to photograph here) is Clemens Garden in St. Cloud, MN.

family in wildflowers

Renting a Dress

Gowns for photoshoots can be really costly (like, $300+ per dress!)

If you love some of those stunning dresses (like I do!) but don't have the space in your budget (or your closet) for an incredible gown, there is a great option of renting one of these dresses. The site is technically a maternity gown site, but these are beautiful for any woman, pregnant or not.

Here are some of my favorite options. Any of these options would be an incredible addition to enhance your session and the colors go beautifully with the photoshoot locations near Saint Cloud that I like to use for family picture locations and maternity sessions.

Flowy gown, dramatic sleeves in burnt orange or natural

Plunging neckline, flowy gown with dramatic sleeves: Recommended colors of natural, burnt orange, or sand

Ivory lace gown with flowing sleeves

Scoop neckline, cinched sleeves, long flowy gown: Natural or burnt orange

Sleeveless, ruffled neckline, dramatic flowy gown: Cinnamon, rust, sand

Let me know which one you pick and I can help you figure out which outfits will go best for your hubby and kiddos. You are going to be STUNNING!

*If you are interested in renting one of these dresses, let me know. As your photographer, I am able to get you a 15% discount on your rental.







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