A mommy and me session is a session specifically for a mother and her child (or children) - Most commonly, these are sought after by mothers with young children who want to capture the special relationship that they have with their little one during this time.

The Heart Behind a Motherhood Photo Session

In the minutes after giving birth to my firstborn, my husband snapped a quick photo of me snuggling our tiny baby on his phone.

That picture is one of my most prized possessions.

It marked the beginning of something incredible, something new - In that moment, I changed. I matured. I gained confidence.

My baby needed me, and I embraced that worthy calling with everything in me. That tiny, helpless, precious little boy that I had labored for a long 36 hours to bring into this world changed me.

As hours turn to days, to weeks, to months, to a few short years I feel like this time with my children is flying by way too fast.

And to think, that these crazy, busy, and sweet years with my little ones, they won't even remember!

I wish my husband took more photos of me with our children, I want them to be able to see their mother in photos with them, to see me enjoying them, to know beyond a shadow of the doubt that I loved them.

As mothers, we pour ourselves into our children - We give every ounce of our energy, love, and attention into raising our tiny charges. Noses wiped, Cheerios swept up, yet another tantrum dealt with - The day can come to a close and we can wonder if we make a difference. I don't know about you, but seeing photos of myself with my children warms my heart and reminds me of the many joys of motherhood, even in the midst of life's busyness.

Mom sits in a field and embraces her daughter during motherhood photography session

What is a motherhood mini session like?

The flow of a session is very simple, I know we have limited time and I want to make it as enjoyable for you and your children as possible. I don't do lots of complicated posing - Instead, I like to give natural posing direction and fun, playful prompts to draw out natural expressions and sweet connection between you and your child(ren)

Within each pose, I capture lots of different angles and moments to provide a varied and beautiful gallery that tells the story of your motherhood experience with your sweet children at this time in life.

Introducing: 2024 Summer Flower Farm Mini Sessions

The best Mother's Day gift:

I know, your kids have short attention spans, finances are tight, and you're a busy mom - But I believe that is so important for moms to be in a photos with their kids, not just a snapshot, but high quality images in which you feel beautiful and special (because you are!)

I don't usually offer mini sessions, but mamas having photos with their babies is too important, so I created a special offer just for moms (and booking will release in time for it to be the perfect Mother's Day gift!) - Mommy and me photo sessions on a local flower farm, complete with professional make up touch ups.

The Location: A local fresh cut flower farm (with a new pick your own flower field!)

I wanted a beautiful location that would feel natural and unique so I reached out to a local flower farmer, Liz Fiedler of Sunny Mary Meadow to see about renting her flower farm and finding out when her flowers would be in bloom - It should be incredible towards mid to end of June this year, with the early Spring that the Saint Cloud area has seen this year.

I love outdoor locations when working with kids, it tends to help them relax and let their personalities shine - Plus, the flower farm has so much to capture a child's interest and is a gorgeous backdrop for your special pictures.

With an added pampering time:

I also connected with local make up artist, Lizzy Lea Makeup Artistry and hired her to join the team to add a layer of special pampering to these sessions for you - Come with your base layer of make up, and she will provide professional touch ups and false lashes!

I have also hired a friend of mine (she is a teacher at a local classical school) to come hang out with your kiddos while your make up is getting done. There will be toys, snacks, and books and your children will be near you at all times.

What to wear for mommy and me session?

Matching outfits seem like they would be so cute for photo sessions, don't they?

That's actually not reality!

As much as it seems like they would be, our brains don't tend to interpret matching outfits in a photo as visually pleasing.

This is why I encourage moms to choose an outfit that they love for themselves, and then figure out a coordinating outfit for their child(ren)

One of my favorite colors is mustard yellow - It is a great color for early summer and would be beautiful in a flower field photo session. Adding in neutrals (like brown, tan, cream) or a dusty blue would be beautiful together.

I love when moms choose to wear long and flowy dresses - They are very feminine and flattering and add a touch of poetry that flows naturally with motherhood mini sessions that focus on capturing those sweet and intimate moments between you and your precious child.

As part of your session experience, I provide a styling guide and personalized assistance in choosing outfits - I also have a small client closet that I am regularly adding to that you are welcome to use!

Mom embraces daughter during mommy and me photos

Tips for photo sessions with toddlers

By nature, mini sessions are shorter than a regular full length session. Since toddlers have a short attention span, this is kind of ideal for mommy and me pictures.

Here are a few tips:

  • Bring a few favorite (non-staining) snacks (but keep them hidden so that they don't distract your child)
  • Don't bring any toys that you don't want included in the photos (sometimes kids will respond negatively to having toys taken away, instead of risking the fight during your session, it is better to avoid bringing anything like that entirely.)
  • Make sure that they have been fed prior to your session, and don't skip naptime
  • Wipe their nose and mouth prior to the session
  • Engage with your child - Don't fixate on trying to get them to act a certain way. Embrace who your child is the day of the session and enjoy getting to spend this time intentionally with them.
  • Keep smiling! Even if your child is not "cooperating" the way that you want them to, keep smiling! I will be working to engage your child, but if your face is strained and frustrated, you'll definitely see that in the photos - So pretend that everything they are doing is darling!

How do I book my mommy and me session?

I can't wait to work with you! I will be releasing booking soon. You can learn more about my 2024 flower farm mommy and me mini sessions or you can join my email list to be notified as soon as booking releases - My email list gets early access to booking, so make sure to join so you don't miss out!

Be sure to check out the other posts on my blog that are designed to help you prepare for the most incredible photo session experience!







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Susannah Ray Photography

A meaningful and fun photo experience with your spouse and kiddos in one of the beautiful outdoor locations near St. Cloud, MN: Whether it is a field, lake-side beach, or wooded area, I am always on the search for more beautiful places to recommend for my clients.




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Susannah Ray Photography

Intentional photos of the expectant mother in a beautiful outdoor location. Her significant other and other children are included in the session as well. Flowy dresses to highlight your beautiful bump and make you feel as stunning as you are highly recommended!




work with me
Susannah Ray Photography

Intentional and stress-free photos of your beautiful newborn (and his or her immediate family) in either the comfort of your own home where baby's memories begin, or in a beautiful outdoor location near St. Cloud.

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Hi, my name is


St. Cloud MN family and newborn photographer

On a mission to create and capture poetic + love-filled moments for ordinary families.

I am wife to my hardworking hubby, mama to two sweet little boys, lover of photographs, and family photographer in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Photos have always been important to me, but especially since starting my own little family. When my first child was born, I wanted desperately to have photos documenting everything: every finger hold, baby yawn, and embrace from my hubby. Every moment I have with them is such a gift!

Holding my newborn son, I realized that motherhood and family life is too precious to let it fly past without being documented, and I felt an ache in my heart to tell the beautiful story of family for other moms.


Mama, you deserve to have heartfelt and joyful photos with your family that bring memories to your mind and tears to your eyes that you cherish forever.

I create a comfortable space for you to intentionally step away from the endless piles of laundry and be present with your family. With fun games for your children and laidback posing and prompts to illicit natural reactions and sweet interactions, your session is designed to be relaxed and enjoyable for children and parents alike to create lasting memories for your heart and home.